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Thomas Zapata

Today, Thomas has ambitions to get his security license, to go along with his OSHA-30 certification, which he earned through AFJ’s in-house OSHA training and certification in April 2023. He hopes that by earning different certifications, it will open the doors to opportunities which he never thought would be possible just a few years ago.

Anastacia Henry

The child of a teenage mother who was in and out of the foster care system, Anastacia’s early childhood was rooted in instability. In Spring 2021, Anastacia graduated from high school and by the fall had enrolled in college.

Jules Febre

From robbery to teaching yoga: One of AFJ’s outstanding teens finds a new pose.

Kristina Farrell

After an arrest at 14 for robbery, she’s now a college-bound, straight-A student.

Robinson Diaz

Leaving behind the streets, a Lower East Side native plans a career in gerontology.

Miguel Rosario

Speaking of his experience at AFJ as a whole Miguel says that it “changes the way you think about life.” So close to serving a lengthy prison sentence and having a life-altering criminal record, Miguel has turned his life around.

Kenny Cooper

2016 Second Chance Awardee turns his life around with Avenues for Justice.

Maliek Jones

YO adjudication was not just handed to Maliek – he earned it through his determination to change his life with the support of AFJ.

Keanu Lopez

Keanu was facing years of state prison. Now, he is studying business. Watch to learn how Keanu turned his life around with AFJ.

Edgar Muniz

A former drug addict who was busted for selling heroin is now a real estate office manager.

Delilah Martinez

See how AFJ helped transform a drug-selling street kid into an army sergeant.

Elsie Flores

A pregnant teen arrested for selling drugs is now a college grad and AFJ court advocate.