VOGUE: How Inez and Vinoodh, Frank Lebon, Luke Gilford and More Are Using Their Art to Keep Kids Out of Prison

Following the recent trend of visual creators selling their work to raise money for charitable causes, a group of artists—which includes Inez and Vinoodh, Frank Lebon, Luke Gilford, Patia Borja, Campbell Addy, Bianna Capozzi, Richie Shazam and many more—is participating in a brand-new social impact project.

Titled Pics for the Kids, the initiative will sell $100 prints from over 50 artists to benefit Avenues for Justice, an NYC-based organization that works with teens in the juvenile justice system. 100% of proceeds will go to the organization, which seeks to keep youth out of prison with supervised programs that provide court advocacy, tutoring, and mentorship.



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