July 15, 2020

Paper Magazine: Fight the School-to-Prison Pipeline with This Art Sale

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, nearly one in every 100 people in the United States is incarcerated. It's one of the highest rates out of any country in the world and accounts for 20% of all prisoners. If you've been paying attention at all these past few months it should come as no surprise that the American carceral system unfairly targets low-income communities, and perpetuates a cycle of arrests and imprisonments that funnels kids through a school-to-prison pipeline.

However, NYC-based Avenues for Justice aims to keep the youth out of prison by providing them with counseling, training, education and employment assistance. The goal is for this to give teens in the juvenile justice system longterm, crime-free solutions that break the cycle. In an effort to bring awareness to their cause and raise money to help fund their work, Avenues for Justice has partnered up with a network of artists and photographers to launch a new fundraiser called Pics for the Kids.



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