July 15, 2020

HYPEBAE: Avenues for Justice Launches Social Impact Project Called “Pics for the Kids”

“Avenues for Justice is a New York City-based organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of adolescents in the juvenile justice system through educational and employment mobility services. To help spread awareness of its commitment, the company has partnered with a network of creative artists to launch a virtual marketplace titled “Pics for the Kids.”

The social impact project is currently selling original prints from contributing creatives like Inez and Vinoodh, Frank Lebon, Ib Kamara, Luke Gilford, Patia Borja, Bianna Capozzi, Pierre Ange Carlotti, Petra Collins, Johnny Dufort, Charlotte Wales, Leilah Weinraub, Richie Shazam and more. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this sale will go directly to Avenues for Justice.

You can now purchase your own print via the “Pics for the Kids” official website. While you’re here, check out this digital art project that celebrates the beauty of Black queer culture.



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