December 12, 2022

NEWS 12: AFJ featured on News 12 evening news about three New York City organizations recently chosen to receive grants from the NBA Foundation.

Three New York City organizations were recently chosen to receive grants from the NBA Foundation to further their respective causes.

The NBA Foundation has given $57 million in grants to organizations across the country.

Drive Change is one of the recipients. It is based in Brooklyn and focuses on supporting incarcerated young people and helping them find employment in the food and hospitality industry. They say they are excited for the grant and to implement the funds to help the incarcerated youth.

Another recipient, Avenues for Justice, has spent the last 40 years working to get young New Yorkers out of the criminal justice system and into a community-based support program.

The grants will continue to build their different avenues to help youth, like their certificate program, computer classes and other trainings.

The third recipient, Peer forward, has been using a peer-to-peer approach for the last 25 years, and through school partnerships citywide, they aim to push youth advancement through teamwork.

The three city organizations will be putting the grant money to use starting next month.

The NBA Foundation plans to award $300 million in grants by 2030.  



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