February 23, 2023

Black History Month at Avenues for Justice

Avenues for Justice (AFJ) held a second event for Black History Month at our Harlem community center on February 16th. The event celebrated the impact of African American history and culture, not only on American history, but on world history. Court Advocates, Tiffany and Brian, spoke to AFJ Participants about the significant contributions that African Americans have made across the diaspora---much of which has not been incorporated into school curriculums. The discussion focused on how the contributions have shaped how we got to where we are today and opens the door for thought about what needs to change for the future.  

Food for the event was catered by Caribbean Krave, a small Black-owned restaurant in Harlem. Participants enjoyed jerk chicken, rasta pasta, rice and peas, and steamed cabbage. The dessert was red velvet cake which is associated with Juneteenth and the celebration of Emancipation. Participants watched Netflix documentary, High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America, featuring food writer Stephen Satterfield. In the documentary, Satterfield traces the origins of African American cuisine from West Africa to Texas. Court Advocate, Brian, explained to Participants how so many of the dishes currently served in restaurants originated from a fusion of African, African American, and Caribbean cuisine.

To  conclude Black History Month, Participants will visit the Schomburg Center next  week to view the pop-up exhibition: Black Shining Prince: Malcolm X as Cultural Icon.


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