September 28, 2023

Avenues for Justice’s September Live Conversation Series with Jason Flom and Khaliah Ali

Yesterday, Avenues for Justice (AFJ)Court Advocate Julia sat down with two of our Second Chance Honorees, Jason Flom and Khaliah Ali, to discuss family legacy, their collaborative projects and the intersection of activism and criminal justice reform.

In 2022,Avenues for Justice celebrated Jason Flom, Co-Founder and CEO of Lava for Good and Lava Media, at our Second Chance Experience event. AFJ presented Jason with the Andrew Glover Justice Award for his years-long commitment to advocating for the wrongfully convicted through the Innocence Project and his important work in fighting to change the criminal “injustice” system--as Joshua Dubin, Executive Director of the Freedom Project, put it last year when introducing Jason.

Avenues for Justice was originally named the Andrew Glover Youth Program, after Police Officer Andrew Glover of the NYPD. PO Glover devoted his off-hours to providing afterschool activities to at-risk youth in the Lower East Side. Tragically, he was killed in the line of duty in 1975. By establishing the Andrew Glover Justice Award, AFJ continues PO Glover’s legacy by honoring people leading the fight for a fairer and alternative approach to incarceration.

This year, AFJ is honoring Khaliah Ali at our October 26th Second Chance Gala with the Andrew Glover Justice Award. Khaliah is an activist, philanthropist, and daughter of the legendary Muhammad Ali. Having come from a legacy of standing up for justice, Khaliah has been committed to helping people impacted by the criminal justice system because she believes that "the system doesn’t work, it has nothing to do with justice. The first step is to educate the public. When you meet and see the people incarcerated, you see how so many lives are destroyed and victims of our justice system.”  

Jason acknowledged that it was "because of the color of my skin, I was offered to go to rehab instead of prison. I know that I was headed in that direction when I was younger and I was given the opportunity to receive services.” It is for this very reason that he highlighted the importance of providing the services that he was afforded, not incarceration, to young people in black and brown communities.

If you missed the IG Live Conversation with Jason and Khaliah, here is the video!

We hope  that you will join us at our October 26th gala and become a champion for our  mission, and help secure the support we need to make an impact on our  Participants.


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