April 4, 2024

Avenues for Justice’s Partnership with PR Team Woke Media Brings Press Visibility and Continued Media Coverage

The Woke Media team members who work with AFJ includes: 

Top row: Kristina Vukaj, Jessica Poulin, Olivia Bronson Bottom row: Ashley White, Skylar Strauss, Brittney Brown, Max Thomas (not pictured).

Photo by @yo_koozy

For organizations like Avenues for Justice (AFJ),our relationships with stakeholders are an essential part of our ability to have an impact. Without supporters who feel connected to our work, we are notable to attract new Participants, funders, or champions of our mission. To accomplish this connection, we are thoughtful about how we communicate to make sure the public - whether current supporters or potential supporters -understands our vision, our values, our Team, our services, and most importantly, the Participants we serve.

For the past two years, Woke Media has been an essential part of how we have been able to stay connected with all of you and the strategies we’ve used to keep the community informed and engaged in our work. Although AFJ uses data for metrics, our impact cannot be measured by numbers alone. We collect and disseminate Participant stories to communicate, on a human level, that our Participants face significant challenges but can overcome them with the right support.

Brooklyn-based and women-owned PR firm, Woke Media (WM), has been representing Avenues for Justice since August 2022. During that time, the WM team has provided AFJ with noteworthy exposure across media platforms such as Forbes, Essence, Philanthropy News Digest, Youth Today, Authority Magazine, and Pix11 (among others). WM has helped facilitate relationships and introductions with other organizations such as REFORM Alliance and the Belafonte Family Foundation. In addition to developing important relationships with press to ensure that our Participants are humanized and not villainized by the media, WM has also bridged the gap between AFJ and the criminal justice space. WM has helped AFJ establish relationships with public figures such as NY Attorney General, Letitia James, along with social justice influencers Hannah Jackson and Annabelle Woghiren.

"We are honored to represent a nonprofit like Avenues for Justice, because the work they do is necessary to addressing systemic inequalities, advocating for social justice, reducing recidivism rates and creating long-term positive impact on these young people’s lives," says WM founder/CEO, Jess Poulin. "We're thrilled to work alongside such a dedicated team that is committed to providing critical ATI services to their Participants and consistently finding innovative ways to teach them the life skills necessary for success!"


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