We serve over 500 youth per year
On average, 94% of our court-involved Participants are not reconvicted of a new crime within three years of enrollment in our program.
On average, AFJ spends $6,300 per person to keep our youth out of jail compared to the more than $500,000 the state/city will spend incarcerating that same individual.

One of the most successful and cost-effective methods for crime prevention.

Avenues for Justice's (AFJ) services are comprehensive and our staff is on call 24/7. Read about our successful model.


AFJ Receives Gift from MacKenzie Scott’s Yield Giving Open Call

"Among the goals for the Open Call initiative is to provide opportunities for groups and individuals that meet with systemic obstacles and amplify the voices of those that may not normally be heard. By providing the youth of New York City a second chance to fulfill their potential and reach for their dreams, Avenues for Justice attempts to meet those goals every day. We thank Yield Giving Open Call for the opportunity to expand our education, mentorship, job training, and other services that we provide our clients.”

~AFJ Board Chair, Alanna Rutherford

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"[Avenues for Justice] may be a model to follow. It fills many of the roles of an effective criminal justice system, including punishment, counseling, and rehabilitation.”

“No program I have ever worked with or heard about has  more credibility with attorneys or judges  than the [Avenues for Justice].”

Douglas Lyons

“At a time when the incarceration rate in America is the highest of any nation in the world…AFJ has questioned the status quo to become one of our most successful and cost-effective crime prevention programs.”

Eric Holder, Jr.
82nd U.S. Attorney General

“Judges have come to rely upon Angel, his integrity and the [Avenues for Justice] as a truly meaningful and worthwhile alternative to incarceration.”

Hon. Leslie CrockerSnyder
Judge (Ret.)
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Join our HIRE UP program

Avenues for Justice’s HIRE UP program relies on corporate partners to train and employ our Participants.  Let us know if your corporation and staff can help us online or onsite at our centers.

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July 18, 2024
Join AFJ In Celebrating Our High School Graduates!

AFJ is extremely proud of our thirteen 2024 high school graduates! Court Advocates have already started working with them on the next steps to higher education and employment.

July 11, 2024
AFJ’s Corporate Partnership with Rothschild & Co

This week, Avenues for Justice (AFJ) is thrilled to spotlight our corporate partner Rothschild & Co and their strong commitment to our mission.

June 27, 2024
Avenues for Justice Celebrates Internship Placement with Local Business Partner Yummy Tummy's Kitchen

This week, we’re highlighting our partnership with Yummy Tummy’s Kitchen, which is currently one of nearly twenty local businesses hosting AFJ Participants in our fourth internship cohort.


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