Last week, many voter-aged participants at Avenues for Justice went to the polls, making sure their votes and voices counted at this record turnout for our nation.  We spoke with two - Jose and Jordan - who clearly seek to help our city and our country.  Jose is studying Urban Planning in college.  Jordan plans to run for President someday.


Here are some of their key takeaways:



Jordan:  This was my second time to vote - it’s what we do for our government. I encourage everyone to have your own beliefs and vote with your own mind.


Jose:  I just turned 18 and it was my first time to vote.  I believed that my candidate could make changes and I wanted to show my support.  The wait was so long I was almost late for my college classes. But I was relieved the ballot was easy to fill out.

A CLOSE RACE: Good or Bad? 


Jordan:  A close race is good - it shows how many people are responding.


Jose:  I’m not surprised.  Not everyone is going to think the same.  It would be really boring if they did.



Jordan:  I need to hear something that catches my ears and makes sense. I want them to have the same beliefs I believe in. 

Jose:  I want a President who’s open to suggestions, listens to the public and fulfills their promises. 



Jordan: Lots of friends voted and lots didn’t.  Those who voted were clear on who they liked. Those who didn’t vote didn’t like either candidate.


Jose: Some friends thought it was a waste of time, that it’s going to be a bad future no matter who’s president. Some just voted along party lines no matter what.  To me, people should decide for themselves instead of just following party lines.



Jordan:  The biggest issues are poverty, drugs, homelessness, and education. We need more affordable housing and shelters should be more accommodating.  I live in the projects and am always paying my rent for something that’s breaking down, like no hot water. Also, take away all the cars in New York City and add more stops to the buses. The more buses, the more jobs.


Jose:  We need more funding for the MTA and more affordable housing.  If we increase subway fares, we’re going to push out the people who make low wages. 




Jordan:  I want to become President someday and treat people the way I want to be treated.  I want to make the WORLD greater, not just America, and make us more positive as a people.


Jose:  I want a president who listens to everyone - not just one side.


Jordan:  Then vote for me when I run for president!

AFJ was really proud that both Jordan and Jose voted. Going forward, we want to invite local candidates for local races to speak to our participants and offer their perspectives to each other. 

See you in the booth in 2021!


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