Collapsing Scenery Collaboration

Collapsing Scenery, posted on their Instagram page.

On July 15th, Avenues for Justice (AFJ) will start a collaboration with the band Collapsing Scenery. Over the course of that day, the band members of Collapsing Scenery will do an Instagram takeover on their account and AFJ's account where they will promote their upcoming benefit concert in Tompkins Square Park on July 19th. The band members will also conduct a music workshop with our participants at our Lower East Side Robert Siegal Center.

Follow us and Collapsing Scenery on Instagram to experience the takeover and the concert in July. Collapsing Scenery's new album, titled “Stress Positions" was released on Friday June 28th and can be found on all streaming platforms.   

Read on for a Q&A with band members Reggie and Don.



1. Tell us who you are. 
We’re Reggie Debris and Don DeVore, based out of New York City and Los Angeles. Our band is called Collapsing Scenery.

2.   How did you hear about Avenues for Justice (AFJ)? 

Our good friend Josh Baer, who has served on the Board for 25 years, introduced us to AFJ and its work. We feel strongly that our criminal justice system is a moral failure on many levels and were looking to partner with an organization that directly intervenes on behalf of youth who are caught up in a system that’s designed to fail them.

3.   What about AFJ struck a chord with you and led your interest in our program?

We were drawn to the Direct Action aspect of the program, and its focus on one to one relationships and meeting kids where they are with respect and belief in everyone’s inherent potential.

4.   What personal experiences draw you to support criminal justice reform, and social justice activism in general?

It’s become clear to anyone who’s paying attention that the great experiment of mass incarceration is a massive failure and a moral atrocity. I think those of us who benefit from the status quo have a special responsibility to stand up and say 'not in our name'.

5.   How would you describe Collapsing Scenery’s music and its ties to the work that we do at AFJ?
We’ve tried in our lyrics to address systems of power and their impact on the marginalized. AFJ is working with people on the weak side of a skewed power dynamic who can get swept into a system that should be working for them but all too often works directly against them. 

6.   Tell us about the collaboration between Collapsing Scenery and AFJ will be occurring next month.

One of the main objectives is to increase neighborhood awareness, community and involvement in the ever-changing neighborhood of the Lower East Side (LES) of Manhattan. In part there will be a youth workshop around the event on how to bring music and community together. 

7.   Why should other people support the mission of social and juvenile justice that AFJ embodies?

Youth everywhere should be treated according to their inherent worth and innate potential. Nothing less than the future of our society is at stake. It is in every single Americans interest to see that our young people are educated, respected, and given the full range of opportunities available in our society. Where we see basic failures in these commitments, we must stand up and fight. 

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