A Day in the Life of Angel

Ever wonder what a day in the life of our Executive Director, Angel Rodriguez, is like? Here’s a snapshot of Angel’s morning on Tuesday, February 28th:

9:00 am: Meets with a judge to request permission to waive an AFJ participant’s court appearance because the participant is currently enrolled in a program that requires mandatory first day attendance.

10:00 am: Meets with an AFJ participant and his mother to discuss participant’s progress and to enroll him in a Jobs Corps program to ensure that the participant obtains stable employment.

10:40 am: Accompanies a participant to court to provide the sentencing judge with participant’s progress report. Angel works his decades long relationships inside the courtroom with the court officers to expedite the participant’s case on the calendar. 

11:00 am: Speaks with the participant’s attorney, giving him an update on the participant’s status and what AFJ will recommend for sentencing.

12:00 am: Angel provides the judge with both a verbal and written report on the participant’s outstanding participation at the Robert Siegal Center. The judge, very pleased with the participant’s accomplishments, has her turn around to receive a rousing ovation from everyone in the courtroom. Very rare!

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Day in the Life
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