April 14, 2022

AFJ’s Branch That Keeps Us Connected To Policy and Reform: Our Advisory Council

We previously featured Avenues for Justice’s Brand Ambassadors, including our Board of Directors and Junior Board. In this week’s newsletter, we want to highlight another important branch of AFJ’s tree: the newly-relaunched Advisory Council. This group raises AFJ’s profile in the criminal justice and foundation community, and are poised to help us address timely policy reform matters.

Like our Board of Directors, AFJ’s Advisory Board is currently made up of 10 individuals who volunteer to help us build relationships in the community, secure resources and offer expertise to supplement our main board’s strategic guidance. The Advisory Council meets quarterly to discuss reform at the local, state, and federal levels, advocating for policy changes that will ensure that our Participants receive #ServicesNotCells. Members of the Advisory Board include:

  • Three retired NYC judges who presided over several of the legal cases of AFJ’s participants. Including one judge who helped create and presided over Manhattan’s Youth Part, and is now featured on Hot Bench;
  • A financial guru turned Brooklyn sculptor and ceramist;
  • An avid marathon runner with 25 marathons under their belt (including an Abbott’s world marathon major), who has also mentored AFJ Participants for over 20 years;
  • A visionary leader in correctional education who oversees all of DC’s Department of Corrections educational opportunities for incarcerated residents;
  • A prominent criminal defense attorney representing many high-profile defendants;
  • A stark advocate for criminal justice reform, who was also a front runner in last year’s Manhattan District Attorney’s race;
  • A primary advisor to NYC’s Probation Commissioner;
  • A top-rated disability attorney, who is easily recognizable from being featured on several TV commercials, and who hosted his own Air America radio program.

Leading the Advisory Council in fulfilling its new vision is former AFJ Board member and longtime supporter, John Mosler. John was introduced to AFJ’s Board of Directors in 2005 through our historic anchor supporter, the Robin Hood Foundation. After Angel invited him to join him in the courtroom, where John observed our court advocacy work in action, he quickly became an advocate of second chances for NYC’s youth. Juggling a career in finance, with a now full-time career in the fine arts, John connected Avenues for Justice to key management in the real estate and investments fields. He played a key role in launching AFJ’s first gala event fifteen years ago—turning the successful evening into an annual fundraising event. The inaugural gala raised over $150,000 – more than any event in AFJ’s history at that time. John remained heavily involved in working with AFJ’s Event staff and the Board’s Development Committee to help secure prominent gala honorees, through to our last Second Chance Awards Dinner in 2019. After at two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we look forward to this year’s gala in October and hope all of you will join us in celebrating one of our participants who has success fully turned their lives around.

John Mosler, his wife Jean Won Mosler, and AFJ Participants at one of AFJ’s gala events.

As our city and nation dealt with the impact of the COVID quarantine, John made the decision to step down from the Board of Directors and focus on helping AFJ’s Executive Director, Angel Rodriguez, relaunch our new Advisory Board. He connected AFJ to a variety of criminal justice professionals. As a member of the National Policing Institute’s Advisory Board, John offers NPI’s research-based models to AFJ’s advisors and lends his expertise on the tough policy issues of police and criminal justice reform.

Avenues for Justice is grateful to John for his two decades of service to AFJ, our Participants and our community. We thank the Advisory Council for keeping AFJ at the forefront of juvenile justice reform and policy. To learn more about placement on the Advisory Council, please contact AFJ’s COO at efrederick@avenuesforjustice.org.


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