November 10, 2022

AFJ Participants Earn 300 Digital Literacy Certifications!

Two AFJ Participants work on Digital Literacy modules at our LES Community Center.

In a digital environment where technology usage is key for every type of job, Avenues for Justice (AFJ) is proud to announce that this week our Participants reached a total of 300Digital Literacy certifications earned since we launched our HIRE UP program during the Pandemic in July 2020. 

To date, 85 AFJ Participants have enrolled in the rigorous Digital Literacy program that combines online self-paced study and online/onsite group instruction, covering over 70 different aptitude levels, with testing for certification available at the conclusion of each level. Certifications to date have covered the first ten aptitude levels in which Participants learn the basics of using computers, email, the internet, PC and Mac operating systems, remote learning how-to’s, and Word and Excel spreadsheet applications.

This training is not easy! On average, Participants were taking a test three times in order to pass and earn certification. In response, AFJ increased its group instruction in 2022 to better assist our Participants. The results have been astonishingly successful- 75% of all certifications earned since 2020 were earned in 2022 as a result of the additional group training. On average, Participants now take a test two times to earn certification.  

We’re also seeing an increased correlation between HIRE UP and employment: 

In 2020, when HIRE UP was launched mid-year, 34 Participants were employed and in 2021, 31 Participants were employed. In the first 10 months of 2022, 66 Participants were employed. Of those finding employment from April to September 2022, 100% were HIRE UP trainees.

AFJ congratulates Court Advocates Elsie Flores and Brian Stanley who lead the Digital Literacy group instruction, and all our Court Advocates who impart on our Participants the importance of joining our HIRE UP workshops.

Most of all, we congratulate our Participants who persevere through this demanding, but rewarding, HIRE UP program for digital literacy.


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